2022 August Primary- State Convention- April 23rd 2022- Precinct Delegate Slate Vote

Kristina Karamo, Michigan Secretary of State (CLICK FOR WEBSITE)

Matthew DePerno, Michigan Attorney General

Michelle Frederick, Michigan Board of Education


Tami Carlone, Michigan Board of Education

Michael Warren-Mi Appeals Court Justice

Brian Zahra- Mi Supreme Court Justice

Savag Vartanian- (U of M) Regent

Lena Epstein- (U of M) Regent

Mike Balow- MSU Trustee

Patriot Approved is a grassroots vetting service for The People!

We will use comprehensive vetting strategies and give an endorsement to the candidate who understands what it means to be a representative of THE PEOPLE, adheres to both the U.S. Constitution & the Michigan Constitution, supports LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the second amendment, TRUE EQUALITY, Medical Freedom and better access to healthcare/mental healthcare!